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"HI-TECH C for CP/M"(hereinafter "HI-TECH C") is originally developed Australian company "HI-TECH Software". This is C compiler suite which is destributed without support, without limitation of usage and for free. This compiler have been widely used world wide.

HI-TECH Software provided provided other cross compilers but these are non-free , proprietary products.

MICROCHIP had bought HI-TECH C Software company and had provided HI-TECH C compiler for 16bit/32bit PIC chip models for years but the name was changed and "HI-TECH" named products came to the end.

"HI-TECH C for CP/M version 3.09" is witout support by original developer, without limitation of usage and is provided for free. This WIKI deals only this version of HI-TECH C.

  1. Basic Packages
  2. Official archives and files
  3. User patches and complements
  4. Other completions