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BDOS (CP/M only)


#include  <cpm.h>

char      bdos(int func, int arg)

short bdoshl(int func, int arg)(CP/M-80 only)


Bdos() calls the CP/M BDOS with func in register C (CL for CP/M-86) and arg in register DE (DX). The return value is the byte returned by the BDOS in register A (AX). Bdoshl() is the same, except that the return value is the value returned by the BDOS in HL. Constant values for the various BDOS function values are defined in cpm.h.

These functions should be avoided except in programs which are not intended to be used on an operating system other than CP/M. The standard I/O routines are to be preferred, since they are portable.


bios, msdos